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Pin Pals

STRIKE a pose :P

Con Art

For those that missed it, here's the full version of the Stan art we had available at NYCC 2010! Thanks to all those who stopped to check us out!

NY Comic Con/ Anime Fest 2010

Hey guys/gals,

Jamar and yours truely will be at the New York Comic Con/ Anime Fest 2010! Be sure to drop by booth #432 to pick up some Stan swag and to ask Jamar for FREE hugs and kisses. Below is a tiny preview of what to expect. Hope to see you there!

Blam Blam Blam

Our 'school girl' fighter. She lets her bullets do the fighting. Unfair? Yes.

Man Eater

I'm digging this 'Amazonian Warrior' gal we're working on. There's something with a girl with an axe in her hands and a skull on her head that's irresistible.

Head Game

A quick sketch n' paint of our man Stan.

Smoking is bad for you by the way...


She's gonna cut choo mang!

Ninja Ninja

Sketches for our 'ninja' character...

Quick split


Another quick sketch of Stan and one of our other fighters ;)

Head Room

A quick sample of a set of studies I'm doing of one of the character in the Stan universe.


Some real early expression sheets for Stan. Afterward we both agreed that he looked a little too laid back, with a " I'd rather make pottery then street fight" attitude. I then did the set of sketches below to 'liven' him up a bit.

It was'nt just his eye's that were the problem either. Stan was a project me and Jamar had tooled around with in prior years and in prior sketches he was more on the skruffy side. When I picked the character back up I was in this Manga school of thought where everything had to be clean shaven. Stans' design was influence by Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop, so I suppose after awhile I sort of got lost in the sauce, losing the true essence of the character. The moral of this story? Sometimes references can either work with you or against you. There's a point where an artist must learn to work on his/her own feet.

First Frame

Heya guys, welcome to the Stan dev. blog 1.0. We'll be slowly updating things as we go along here.